Urgent Hiring: Human Resource Assistant

Graduate of Psychology, Human Resource Management or any related course.
With good moral character.
Willing to work in Edsa and or Pasig.
Good in multi-tasking, flexible, trainable and can work under pressure.
Speaks English fluently.

Submit your updated CV to with your subject: For HRA. You may submit your email until 9pm tonight. Only qualified applicants will receive the interview schedule for tomorrow.

Fresh graduates/entry level applicants are welcome.

Night time skincare regimen.

Ms. April: Shiela asan ba boy friend mo?
Ako: Nasa future po.


i’m constantly torn between wanting to watch new shows, re-watching old shows and attempting to have a life that doesn’t revolve around shows

Porn for the soul.

Jaime Alexander and Matt Dallas. Jessi and Kyle being sexy for reasons. I love this. Every pixel of this. I’m having Kyle XY withdrawal. Huhuhuhu

The Girl Friend Blabber

Regardless of your age and gender, pretend I am your girl friend and we haven’t been communicating well these past month.

Just because we haven’t been talking or seeing each other doesn’t mean I have already forgotten about you. It’s just that I have been very busy lately. I came home from work very late every night and every night I got no energy left to try and talk to you. Things have changed. But just because it’s night time doesn’t mean the sun is completely gone from the galaxy. Right?

Anyway, I just want you to know that I have been very productive lately. I am now working while reviewing for the board exam. But this coming weekend I wouldn’t be able to attend the review session because we are going to have a team building where my attendance is required. Truth be told, even if I’m a little shy and apprehensive of the group— since I am new, I am excited for this coming team building.

Also I have been drooling over Matt Dallas lately. I have soft spot for grey-eyed wonders. Also, have you seen his body? So totally drool worth it. Huhuhu. And truth be told, his sexual orientation did not diminish my attraction towards him. Have you seen how his jaw works when he kisses a girl? Man… I can’t even.

Some times I wish I have total control of my brain, you know like in the show. Like I can do weird shit and all that.

Sometimes I feel like I have the power to speed up time, especially if I wanted to. Last Monday, I was so eager to go home so that I could watch Kyle XY, it feels like I just blinked and I am already at home watching. I can’t barely remember what happened on Monday. Hahahaha.

Also, I met this guy at work. I facilitate contract signing and I met him there, of course. My first thought about him was, wow, grunge, punk much? With all his black v-neck shirt, denim jeans and beanie. But man when our eyes met, holy shit. He’s not even grey-eyed but I was so attracted. His eyes are so black like jet black. Reminds me of Patch Cipriano in Hush Hush. Bottom line is, I think my libido is going haywire.

I need help.

I’m just blabbering, I hope you don’t mind. It’s been a while since I talked to you, or anyone for that matter.

I know that Kyle XY was cancelled even before they produced their 4th season, I knew it even before I rewatched the whole show but it still hurts knowing it just ended.. just ended without them clearing out what the fuck happened next.

I see the flaws, yes, they can’t fully decide or stick to a permanent genre, the story line and arcs are inconsistent and what-not but I forgive them because I still found it intetesting. Plus, I am obssessed with Kyle (Matt Dallas). Things are just getting better. Now, I’m upset.


Ugh god.

I have been rewatching Kyle XY. Got to admit, I am becoming obsessive. In fact, I have a boner for him right now.

Anonymous asked: Ate!! Anu pong magandang research topic na related sa psych? :)

Dami eh. Hahaha

Anonymous asked: Ate if the time comes na magkita na kayo ng father mo what will be your reaction? San mo po sya ipapasyal at ano pong gagawin mo sa time na magkasama kayo?

Matagalang iyakan muna siguro hahahaha. Di ko alam kung saan ko siya ipapasyal. Parang the place wouldn’t matter basta makasama ko lang siya. Tapos kakain kami ng masarap kasi foodie tatay ko hahaha.

Anonymous asked: Hello ate! I know the feeling of missing someone close to you. The combination of sadness panghihinayang, pagkasabik at guilt arrgg ang hirap ihandle ng ganitong emotions lalo na't tungkol sa magigiting na tatay. Happy fathers day po sa papa nyo. :)

I probably read this too late. Hahaha but thank you.

Anonymous asked: Hi ate may mga libro naman po ng pang psych student sa recto diba? Like, General psychology na si Juan c. Birion po ang isa sa mga authors diba?

Di ko sure for that specific book. Pero try mo maghanap. Di naman nawawalan ng libro Recto eh.

Puta. Sarap sumweldo.

H A P P Y   F A T H E R ’ S   D A Y

There is no day in my life where I don’t miss you. 20 years and I am still a papa’s girl. One day, when I am stronger and more capable of handling my feelings, we’ll see each other again. 

The picture on the left is the only picture I have with my dad. And I just meshed it with Obama’s cause I think they kinda look alike. Hahahaha. I made this two years ago when I was once again, missing him. Last Wednesday night I missed him so hard I tried listening to Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra cause they’re his favorite and I ended up crying myself to sleep. It’s been seven years since Iast I’ve seen him and I still find it difficult to talk about him without having my heart break.